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Falk & Sons

I’m looking forward to the release of this new album in October 2013 by German family band Falk & Sons. Comprised of Dieter Falk and his two sons. I you like Emerson,Lake & Palmer you may like this group. I don’t understand German but the music samples in this promotional video are really quite amazing. Enjoy.


Miley, Miley, Miley…..

So the latest rage in the news is Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV video music awards. The press is acting shocked at this transformation from Disney darling to Lady is a tramp. Is PLAYBOY next? She’s already posed nude (for a cause). I’m not surprised or shocked at this transformation for Miley Cyrus. It’s all sales, marketing, and the philosophy that “there’s no such thing as bad media coverage”. Really there is not, and has never been, any difference between Disney and Hefner, Playboy and Disneyland. They’re both genius’ at giving visualization to other peoples dreams stealing peoples creative imaginations and replacing them with their own imaginations. Whenever someone goes to Disneyland, Disneyworld or the Playboy Clubs/mansion they are entering the worlds of someone else’s imagination not their own. There is a great song by T-Bone Burnett from his 1983 album, PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT, where he so cleverly mixes up the stories of both men intertwining them. He perfectly describes the similarities about how both men stole the dreams and imaginations of children.


Somewhere between Never Neverland and Wonderland
In a land called Never Wonderland
There lived a beautiful wealthy young divorceé
With a checkered past and a bad memory
Who should probably remain nameless

And men traveled from far and wide and try to win her hand
And she took in stragglers from all over the known world
Her newest guests were as her mother called them
“The latest Russians to defect”
One’s name was Hefner the other’s name was Disney

Disney smoked a pipe and was very philosophical
He was constantly surrounded by go go girls
He used to take pictures of them without any clothes on
And sell them to the neighborhood children

Hefner on the other hand was not so introspective
He loved a good story just like anybody else
In fact he loved the myths of Never Wonderland so much
That he made elaborate molded plastic sculptures
Of the characters in the myths

And then he’d set them out in the garden
Until he had built a whole ‘nother land in Never Wonderland
Which he called Hefnerland

The neighborhood children loved them
They had lots of fun playing in Hefnerland
And looking at all Disney’s go go pictures
Because they didn’t know any better
And they didn’t know any worse

But the beautiful, wealthy, young divorceé thought
That they were only after her money
Sometimes she even wished they would go back to Russia
But between you and me they were really dupes of the Wicked King
Who wanted to rob the children of their dreams


a break & a new project?

Well, I’m going to take a sabbatical from bloggering. I’ve got a couple of days away from my “paying” job and feel inspired to try something new. I feel the need to take a break from visual stimulation and pursue the darker recesses of imagined visuals. My idea is to create a theatrical production. I’ve been listening a lot to Philip Glass lately and reading Robert Wilson. Add to that I’ve been thinking about how it is impossible to get away from communications technology. Even in a concert hall, nowadays, so many people have their cell phones raised like lighters photographing or filming the concert event. So I started to think what about creating a modern work that incorporates all that. Maybe someone has already done that. Certainly John Cage has used the technology of the day, tape decks, radios etc in his work. But I’m not aware of it being done with cell phones. Now I don’t see the cell phone as being the centerpiece but the accent for this piece. There is definitely going to be a story. I call it an unsung opera because even though there will be some singing it will be primarily spoken word with original score and will be experimental encompassing stylistically the full dynamic range of ambient to brutalism. I’ve created an imaginary album cover for the original recording of this. It is a reworking of a previous image of mine. I think it is a good visual of mans relationship to technology including the very grainy/noisy look. I created an outline of scene subjects shown below the image that will be a guide for my writing. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for people who may be interested in composing the musical score. At this point I envision a set that will use projection and moveable set pieces. You already know my visual style. So we’ll see how this goes. Hope you enjoy the image below. I’ll see you when, and if, I return. I’ve created an imaginary album cover for the original recording of this. It is a reworking of a previous image of mine. This is one of several images I’ve added to my ECM/4AD INSPIRED page.
Future Now
FUTURE NOW: an unsung opera of humans & technology

Act 1:
I. prelude
II. who am I?
III. sound of breathing
IV. flash of an instant

Act 2:
I. blind fury
II. ringing singing
III. pinnacle
IV. wet
V. coming darkness


Act 3:
I. closet of the mind
II. privates
III. being inside others
IV. everything will be heard

Act 4:
I. new dawn
II. the wisdom of blindness
III. reborn in silence
IV. finale


blur and beyond

Moving on? I think I mentioned in a comment on a previous post that this whole experiment in blur may be just the development of another tool to work into my other digital work. So I decided to put that to the test. I used a blurred out image as a layer over an photo abstract. I then added some more extreme textures. I’m really pleased with how this came out. I’ll have to play more with this notion.
Hope you enjoy. And have a great weekend everyone.



one drop at a time
measuring life plink plink plink
a dripping faucet
one drop at a time plink plink plink measuring life a dripping faucet


experiments in blur – sweeps week

sweeps week
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me smile. Today’s image is one such case. I simply used the Photoshop motion blur tool set at 90degrees at full blur. I ran several passes of the motion in the same direction for this “sweeping” look. I like the color and the sense of disappearing at the bottom of one shape and at the top of the other. Disappearing is important from time to time. One of my favorite films is the invisible man inspired by the HG WELLS story. It still mesmerizes me today. The notion of being able to disappear….

The older I get the more invisible I become. I like that.
Invisibility cannot be a bad thing. It means you are blending in to your environment. You are at one with your environment and the world around you.

More thoughts on invisibility: Even though people promote oneness and unity they are operating out of some false utopian romantic notion of what that means because it is often promoted in the context of “specialness,” “uniqueness” etc. In short – exclusionary. Most people don’t want to blend into their environment no matter how much they claim otherwise. Why is it that invisibility is perceived as a bad thing? When I watch the classic film THE INVISIBLE MAN the character is presented as flawed and that invisibility causes madness – in short the subtext is “you don’t want to be invisible. Only criminals and crazy people want to be invisible”. Modern television promotes visibility more than anything and with celebrity culture and shows like X Factor, American Idol, and every friggin’ “reality” series out there the notion of visibility and self promotion are the keys to a successful happy life. But in reality it’s just people behaving badly, some with talent, to get what they want.

Okay I have to bring in something close to me here – and it won’t win me any new fans (which is fine by me). I don’t blog or create for the attention – I don’t give a damn about coverage, marketing or stats. Stats are pretty irrelevant to me aside from just being curious figures. And I refuse to start marketing myself and my work just for the sake of making money. If people stumble upon my blog and they like my work that is fine but I certainly will not do anything to get new “followers” (god I hate that word) or keep the “followers” I currently have. Tastes change, people come and go. Don’t misunderstand, I’m grateful for those who regularly contribute to the discussion and discourse of ideas even if people disagree. Iron sharpens iron. The way to cut a diamond is with a diamond. Now back to invisibility; part of my ideology comes directly from my understanding of one of the teachings of Christ. Jesus Christ took every opportunity to escape the crowds as he looked for quiet places. And in almost all cases of times when he healed someone he would instruct them, “Do not tell anyone…” And in Matthew 6:3,4 he said, “Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in SECRET”* (*ed. emphasis added). And in Matthew 6:5 when talking about prayer he says, “But when you pray, go into your room, CLOSE THE DOOR* and pray…” – Well that pretty much ends any discussion on elaborate public prayers including praying in schools (yes you America) And the fact that he did not take credit for the healings is another key. He didn’t say, “Aw shucks, I’m happy to help out,” or “Gee thanks, glad you realize who I am.” No! When people were healed, Christ’s response was “Your faith has healed you”. Do you see the pattern here? Invisible, INVISIBLE, INVISIBLE, I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E.

Another absolutely favorite verse of mine was written by the Apostle Paul, Silas and Timothy in their 1st letter to the believers at Θεσσαλονίκη [Thessaloniki]. Chapter 4 verse 11: “Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands…” Sheesh there it is again, the cloak of invisibility. Unfortunately these ideas are at times given lip service in religion with regards to how people should respond to the institution in control but these are life choices for individuals that has nothing to do with religion or politics or cultural bearing. And religion (especially Christianity) has forgotten that. I further think that church goers need to question their institutions. They need to look how their institutions fail to promote this idea of invisibility and a quiet life. 99.9 per cent of the time you will find VISIBILITY being preached and praised disguised as missions, attendance, fund raising, contemporary worship services, media and special events. There is not a single so-called Christian institution that believes invisibility and a quiet existence will bring reward. (see I had to go there – sorry). And why is that so? Well most importantly it would mean the institutions would close because they would not be needed. Of course, then faith and belief and the christian life could flourish in the context it was founded – everyday life.

I remember recently a woman from work, who I haven’t seen for some time asked me how I was doing. I gleefully answered that I’m doing quite well and enjoying a quiet life. She got this horrified look and with an almost scolding tone as she asked, “Are you happy?”. I chuckled and readily answered “Yes”. She just shook her head and said, “I couldn’t stand a quiet life. There’s something wrong when it’s quiet.” I asked her, “Are you happy?” There was no response. We wished each other well and parted ways.

So, I give you a toast; Long live invisibility and the joys of a quiet life. Salute!

FYI – another hero of mine is abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still. He was highly critical of the commercialization of art, gave away a lot of his work and actually withdrew the majority of his work from the public eye and access until a museum, that would operate with his unique specifications, could be built for his work. In other words the large art auction houses and commercial galleries of today would make vomit. The Clyfford Still Museum opened in November 2011.


experiments in blur – continuum

strategies for architecture

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